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The New Bosch APL Approved VG5-ITS1080P-30X5 Series are now shipping! Call Express Supply today and schedule a test ride with the revolutionary low light VG5-ITS Series, arguably the most advanced IP camera that has ever been experienced in the demanding ITS space.

Delivering the highest quality of relevant TS2 Intelligent Transportation Systems video images in all lighting conditions, the Bosch VG5-ITS1080P-30X4 brings its proven starlight and dynamic technology to the Autodome IP VG5-ITS Series of HD family of high-speed pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) domes.

Whether capturing video in harsh sunlight or extreme low light, the two new models VG5-ITS720P-30X4 and VG5-ITS1080P-30X4 cameras provide round-the-clock traffic viewing regardless of lighting conditions. With 60 fps mode, they ensure maximum image details are captured for traffic and transportation and many other applications faced with difficult lighting and moving objects indoors or out.

In comparison, the Bosch VG5-ITS Series produces full colour images in the dark beyond the point where other APL cameras have turned to monochrome images. Where others show no image at all, the Bosch VG5-ITS Series still delivers detailed monochrome images.

Its ability to capture fast moving objects and excellent performance in extreme low light situations make the Bosch VG5-ITS1080P-30X4 or VG5-ITS720P-30X4 HD ideal for securing, for example, roads and parking lots or street exits with low visibility.

The Autodome IP dynamic 7000 HD camera features wide dynamic range and intelligent backlight compensation technology to ensure that moving objects or those of interest are enhanced and can be easily identified in scenes with simultaneously bright and dark areas, which typically challenge standard cameras.

To further improve the quality and relevancy of IP video images, both cameras also feature intelligent de-fog technology to dynamically adjust camera contrast settings to deliver the best quality in scenes affected by fog, smog, mist or other low contrast scenes.

Distribution of Intelligent Transportation Systems made easy, reliable and affordable. We provide only the most advanced field tested NEMA TS2 IP Video Multi Cast Networking Switches available to the ITS market.

Express Supply, Inc. your only choice for the most technologically advanced hardened ITS requirements.
City Of Gainesville Bosch Video Management Wall featuring
 the new TERL approved Bosch VG5-ITS1080P-30X4
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2017 ITS Texas Annual Meeting
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