Express Supply, Inc. is a locally owned and operated company, based in central Florida since 2006. With a combined ITS experience exceeding 35 years, we understand the maintenance and operations needs of our transportation industry customers and provide that focus in every design, integration, and procurement project we participate in. We will take the time necessary to assess the project needs and provide a quality product within budget. We are a sustaining member of the IMSA, our certifications include IMSA Level III Traffic Signal Bench Technician, Juniper JNCIA, and FDOT Intermediate Work Zone Traffic Control.

Express Supply specializes in providing the most advanced turnkey Hardened IP Video Multi-Cast Networking Solutions available specifically for the ITS hardened environment. With our complete line of ITS designed Layer 2 Switches, Optics and Wireless drops as well as the Industry leading H264 Bosch IP Domes and Carrier Tested Juniper Core Layer 3 Switching, we offer a cost effective total end to end ITS solution. Our exclusive line of ITS designed switches not only outperform higher priced switches that are notorious for bleeding in a multicast environment but cost less and are much more versatile. We also offer higher temperature rated optics that are priced far below most competitors along with much needed patch cords. We are also a premier ITS Bosch Distributor in the South as well as Juniper Networks, carrier level Layer 3 switch.

Previous projects that our staff have actively participated in include logical network designs; IP address/VLAN schemes and their implementation; Layer 3 Core Switch configuration, optimization, and deployment; Layer 2 managed field switch configuration and deployment; Firewall planning, configuration, optimization and installation; CCTV field device and video wall installation, integration, configuration, maintenance, and support services; DMS device integration and configuration; microwave and video detection configuration, calibration and integration into advanced traffic management systems including traffic adaptive and responsive systems; and Bluetooth travel time system integration.

With our experience, training, and method we can assure that the design, integration,
and maintenance needs of projects we are involved in will be met and that our client expectations will be exceeded.
Statewide references available upon request

CCTV Cameras
Field switches Layer 2
Field Hubs Layer 3
Core Routers Layer 3
Firewalls-Security appliances
Network management solutions

IMSA Traffic Signal Level III certified,
skill and knowledge to locate the source of trouble
while not affecting the safety of critical traffic
control facilities.

Rerouting network traffic around
Bottlenecks, Identifying and eliminating
problem devices and misconfiguration
Increasing network availability through
development of redundant links and
configuration of redundancy protocols
Increasing bandwidth through single fiber
optics and link aggregation

Layer 2 spanning tree topology designs
IP address scheme design to maximize
efficiency and improve operation
Deployment planning

Device configuration documentation
Network connectivity diagrams
Comprehensive network policies
Device operational procedure
Security best practices evaluation
& policies

Bosch, Sensys, Wavetronix, Econolite,
Trafficware, Network documentation
Network operations planning
Layer 2 Spanning tree topology
Fiber link layout
VLAN mapping
Network procedures
RFP specifications/RFP scope
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Network Optimization:
Network Planning:
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