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Bosch announces that Express Supply is the sole source for the Bosch product part numbers BVMS-ITS, VG5-836-ECEV-ITS,
VG5-ITS1080P-30X4 and VG5-ITS720P-30. Express Supply is a valuable business partner of Bosch Security Systems, Inc.
and is authorized to sell, service and support Bosch Security Systems video products.
Orlando, Florida February 14, 2014
Tallahasee, Florida May 05, 2015
In compliance with Section 316.0745, Florida Statutes, Bosch VG5-ITS720P-30X4 and VG5-ITS1080P-30X4 series camera
products have been evaluated against the requirements of FDOT Specification 682 (FA 7-30-13), as documented in the
evaluation report, approved, and placed on the Florida Department of Transportation's Approved ProductList (APL):
FDOT TERL APL VG5-ITS1080P-30X4 & VG5-ITS720P-30X4 Approval Letter
Tallahasee, Florida October 21, 2015
ITS Express, Inc. an industry leader and manufacturer of ITS Ethernet Layer 2 Cabinet Switches, today announced that
the ITS Express 80xx Series have been expanded on the FDOT TERL APL. "(Models included in series: ITS-8040, ITS-8012,
and ITS-8020+, and ITS-8040+) (Models Tested: ITS-8040 with Firmware Version 1.17 and ITS-8040+ with Kernel Version
V9.00 and Software Version v1.03) (includes old certification #:78461201219013). Last updated 10/14/2015."
FDOT TERL Approval Screen Shot